Bơm thủy lực tháo lắp vòng bi SKF HMV

Model: HMV
Hãng sản xuất: SKF,
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Bảo hành: 12 tháng
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Easy application of high drive-up forces

Mounting bearings on tapered seatings can be a difficult and time-consuming job. Using an SKF Hydraulic Nut facilitates easy and quick application of the high drive-up forces required for mounting bearings. 

Dismounting bearings mounted on either adapter or withdrawal sleeves is also often a difficult and time-consuming job. These problems can be reduced with the use of an SKF Hydraulic Nut. Oil is pumped into the nut and the piston is pushed out with a force, which is sufficient to free the sleeve. 

All SKF HMV ..E nuts are supplied with a quick connection coupling to fit the SKF hydraulic pumps.


  • Wide size range, covering shaft diameters from 50 to 1 000 mm as standard
  • Full range of inch threads available, series HMVC ..E from 1.967 up to 37.410 in.
  • Quick connection coupling can be fitted on the face or side of the nut, allowing the nut to be used in areas where space is limited
  • A spare set of piston seals and maintenance kit is supplied as standard
  • To assist nut threading, a tube of lubricant is supplied with all nuts of size HMV(C) 54E and larger
  • To facilitate easy nut threading, all nuts from size HMV(C) 54E are equipped with two tommy bars and four mating holes on their front face
  • Nuts from size HMV(C) 94E are equipped with eyebolts, allowing easy handling
  • Nuts from size HMV(C) 94E have the starting position of the thread indicated, facilitating easy matching of thread positions on both the nut and mating thread
  • Special threads and sizes available on request

Thông số kỹ thuật

Thread form
HMV 10E – HMV 40E ISO 965/111-1980 tolerance class 6H
HMV 41E – HMV 200E ISO 2901-1977 tolerance class 7H