Bộ cảo tháo lắp vòng bi SKF TMMR F TMMR XL

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Versatile and robust pullers for internal and external pulling jobs

The multi-purpose SKF Reversible jaw pullers are suitable for internal and external pulling of bearings and other components. The standard range of eight pullers can accommodate a wide range of bearing and component sizes. The four largest TMMR..F pullers are also available with extra long arms as a standard option (TMMR ….XL). The extra long arms help to dismount bearings and components placed far from the shaft end and can be further extended by adding extension pieces.


  • An essential and versatile tool for every workshop allows for external and internal pulling applications
  • Self-locking arms for easy adjustment of width of grip
  • Hexagonal head on beam enables rotation of puller and bearing during dismounting, improving ease of use
  • Wide gripping range from 23 mm (0.9 in.) internal to 350 mm (13.8 in.) external, enables many bearings and components to be dismounted
  • Unlike many similar pullers, the pullers can be used up to their full rated load capacity without permanently deforming the puller arms
  • Arms and beam are zinc passivated for enhanced corrosion resistance and easy cleaning
  • The extra long arm extension pieces, designed to be easy to fit and remove, can be used to further increase the effective arm length. Using extension pieces does not compromise the overall puller strength
  • The SKF Reversible Jaw Pullers can also be supplied in three different sets, complete with a workshop stand

Thông số kỹ thuật

Max. withdrawal force Max. torque
  kn ton (US). Nm lbf. kg lb
TMMR 40F 17 1.9 22 16.2 0,3 0.7
TMMR 60F 17 1.9 22 16.2 0,4 0.8
TMMR 80F 40 4.5 75 55.3 1,0 2.2
TMMR 120F 40 4.5 75 55.3 1,2 2.6
TMMR 160F 50 5.6 115 84.8 2,3 5.2
TMMR 200F 50 5.6 115 84.8 2,6 5.8
TMMR 250F 60 6.7 160 118.0 4,4 11.4
TMMR 350F 60 6.7 160 118.0 5,2 7.7
TMMR 160XL 50 5.6 115 84.8 3,5 8.2
TMMR 200XL 50 5.6 115 84.8 3,7 10.4
TMMR 250XL 60 6.7 160 118.0 4,7 11.5
TMMR 350XL 60 6.7 160 118.0 5,2 5,2

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